DoDo you love Italian wine & are you curious?

  • Would you like to know more about Italian wine but you don’t know where to start?
  • Does the choice overwhelm you?
  • Looking for something low key and also fun?
  • Or do you know already a lot and are looking to expand your knowledge?
  • Does enjoy consciously apply to you?
  • Are you looking for inspiration for your next Italy vacation?You are at the right address!
  • Do you also dream of a world that is cleaner and healthier?
  • You love to enjoy the good things in life, but be aware?
  • Would you perhaps like to take a course but only if it suits you?
Josje naast prachtige oude wijnrank

 What has divino natura to offer you? 

Divinonatura represents divine nature, but if you pull apart Di Vino  than it means also from the wine. Wine of nature. Divino natura offers inspiration and education in the field of Italian wines and specifically wines made organicly, artisanal, biodynamic and or natural. We offer free introductory lessons online. The more novice wine lovers can learn what’s involved when you taste wine. Would you like to know more about Italian wines? You’ve come to the right place on this page.

Inspiration: blogs & webinars

You can gain inspiration and information by following my blog. In addition, I regularly offer free introductory lessons/webinars. I am working on the development of a challenge where you as a wine lover can learn what is involved when you taste wine and how you learn to make better choices when buying wine. Would you like to know more about Italian wines and how they taste? Then download the free ebook Mini-Guide to Italian wine.

 education: Italian winecourse online

For Whom is eager to learn more after these webinars, I offer two courses: a shorter course covering the basics of Italian wines is meant for the novice wine lover. For the more advanced Italian wine lover (or professional) I offer a long and more intensive course.

Course live in Italy

Do you want to experience an Italian wine course on location in Italy with me as a guide? This, too, is possible. The first trip launches in  summer 2018, for students of Divino natura. In addition, group tours are available upon request and we have some individual offer for you.