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about be zen and learn how to taste wine :

Edwin Jansen

Josje’s webinar was surprisingly informative and left me with a lasting flavor and aroma experience.  It was my first introduction into the world of wines and I was surprised how the smell and taste of wine in a short period of time can change.  The enthusiastic, passionate explanation of Josje about the how and the why and her humor in answering the questions made it very infectious.  I didn’t expect this kind of an experience could be contained in a webinar or that I would learn so much in such a short period of time.  The experience to do this together with friends and Josjes guidance online was very special and I recommend it greatly.  As a novice, you learn so much about enology in such a short time!“ 

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Thank you very much for the fun webinar I just attended, it was very clear and organized. … a little message to say thanks to you!

Jacqueline Brake: The webinar was fun and interesting


About: Introduction course Italian wines

Astrid Spooren:

“Hey Josje, last Thursday I participated in your introduction course, which was a lot of fun!”

Chatlog march 24th giro d’italia

I liked the course.  Occasionally the sound disappeared, but I could still follow the explanation.  Thank you and I will certainly visit your website. I’m going to Toscany in august and taste some wines.

 Verginia van de Beek

I too liked it very much, a good extra preparation to my Swen3.  This was really, even despite the little interferences, very nice!


Fun and clear! Grazie mille!! Piano, piano, I learn something every time!

Agnetha Heijsman

Very nice and interesting!! See you soon

Kim Lansink,

Piano, piano, I learn something every time! j!:)


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Fiene Van Loock

We asked Josje to cater for the wines and music at our garden party.  We chose the wines together and in doing so learned a thing or two about Italian wines!  In Josje we found a true wine connoisseur who helped us make the right choices.  Our guests were very delighted with the wines served! As ‘DJ moshje, Josje … more  hier ontbreekt denk ik een gedeelte van de Nederlandstalige tekst, als je die nog bezorgt, zorg ik nog voor de vertaling

December 9, 2012, Fiene was Josje’s client

Rachel Heijne

A wine tasting with Josje is a very instructive and cozy experience!

February 9, 2012, Rachel was Josje’s client

Marjan van Maanen – de Lange

I came in touch with Josje through ‘de Beursvloer’ in Utrecht (NL), where companies and volunteer organizations can come in touch with each other.  There she offered us a wine tasting.  In December of 2011 Josje gave a wine tasting for the board members of ‘de Zonnebloem van Utrecht’.  Information about the wines and Italy were alternated by conversation time with the members of the board.  Josje has a profound knowledge about wines, regions, grapes and so on, and she shared it with us in a fun way.  She’s sociable and interacts well with the group, as regards for example the quantity of information.  It was a successful evening, I would highly recommend a wine tasting at Profondo!

January 31, 2012, Marjan was Josje’s client

Marcel Bouwman BBA

An excellently catered wine tasting.  Very friendly people and good knowledge of Italy and Italian wines.  This made drinking wine a completely different experience.  Very taste wines in the assortment

September 5, 2010, Marcel was Josje’s client

about a winetour organized and guided by me:

ing. Hennie Tuithof

I met Josje on a Wine and Culture trip in Toscany.  She’s a driven tour guide who’s an expert in Italian culture as well as on Italian wines.  She took us to the best wineries of Italy.  A trip to remember forever.

July 21, 2010, ing. Hennie was Josje’s client