fresco's van wijnflessen op buitenmuur bij Cos

wine group tours

 Would you like to attend an Italian wine course in Italy with me as your guide?  For trainees of Divinonatura that’s one of the possibilities.  Next to that, group tours are possible on demand and we’ve got a single individual offer for you.  Natural enjoyment! 

Imagine you like traditionally produced Italian wines, from small-scale wine growers, preferably bio/ecological craftmanship.  You think by yourself, I’ll find them on the internet, or in tour guide magazines.  That might just be a little disappointing:  a lot of those Italian wine growers refuse to enlist in the magazines, or to submit wines for those purposes.  A great deal of them won’t surface in your search.  Websites are mostly non-existent or not up to date, and a lot of the time there’s no one available to guide the guests around. In short, you need to know where you can go, where the wines are fine, the stories are good, the hospitality obvious, and what the ideal program is to optimize your time.  Apart from that your big bonus would be me as your guide, who’s fluent in both Italian and Dutch and with a profound knowledge and passion that I employ to please you and make your trip memorable.  I decided over 20 years ago to stop drinking beer and only drink wine (preferably Italian) and ever since I’ve been exploring Italy’s viticulture in books, vineyards, wineries, wine tastings, masterclasses, workshops, courses, an Italian sommelier – education, trips through the entire country, visiting fairs, writing in an Italian online review magazine and writing a book.


Why choose Divino Natura (formerly known as Profondo Reizen)

We’ve got already 10 years of experience in organizing wine and gastronomical trips.  Because you’ve got little time and still want to go on holiday well prepared and you dare to outsource this preparation to someone else.  You want everything to be neatly arranged.  You want to see special things, taste them, experience them, live them.  As a group or just the two of you.  If you’d rather travel by yourself, I’ll take care of the lodging and appointments on the way, without loss of your time etc.

On demand (not without obligations) we organize your small-scaled group tour, there are possibilities throughout Italy.  The most common areas are of course Toscany and Piemonte, both nice to combine with Liguria.  But also Sicily and Puglia are very interesting, and Fiuli, etc,etc.  I’ve got contacts all over because of my frequent fair visits and trips around the country.  So all I need from you is how many days, what kind of budget you’re on, what kind of accommodation you like and so on, if you’ve got a preferred region you’d like to visit, and all of that combined will make for a beautiful trip I’m sure.  For solitary travelers there are some possibilities to go on a ‘wine-walk’/hike  in Piemonte, Liguria and Friuli, this is also possible for small groups.


 Winecourse  on location in Italy

You don’t want to go on your own and your open to discover Italy with other, likeminded people?  Are you interested in enjoying the good things in life in a small group?  In that case you can sign up to be informed about our small group tours.  Following up on the wine course I’ll be organizing a group tour several times a year, a live wine course on location.  Already planned is a trip to Sicily in July.  Etna and the Aeolian isles, because Etna is a remarkable region that produces unique wines.  I always start my wine course with the isles, in the south, because that’s where the viticulture originates from.  In my opinion Sicily is one of the most fascinating wine regions with tremendous potential, namely the unique territory of Mount Etna is worth exploring.  Other journeys will be a surprise for a later time, we’d love to keep you informed!




Puglia ouderwetse carro voor oogst
Toscaans wijn landschap met San Gimignano in de verte
Chianti Classico wijngaarden in de herft
wijngaarden op Salina
wijngaard van Girolamo Russo